At the USO, volunteers play a special role in lifting the spirits of our troops and their families. Whether it is welcoming visitors to our center, easing their journey with a cup of coffee or providing a free phone call to a loved one, volunteers lead with their hearts and serve with integrity.


USO Europe Regional Operations Volunteer Assistant

The Volunteer Assistant will assist the Operations team with administrative duties supporting our region wide programs, events, and Celebrity visits. Requirements include computer literacy in Microsoft Word and Excel Spreadsheets. Inputs updates will provide augmented support to our regional staff in the preparation and development of key USO programs throughout the Region.

USO Europe Mobile Canteen & Logistics Volunteer Assistant **

The Volunteer will assist and support the Regional Mobile Canteen Coordinator with collaborative interaction between our Regional Coordinator and military organizations, vendors, patrons, and Host Nation Military in support of Mobile Canteen events at various military communities throughout the Germany region. Additionally, the Volunteer will assist with the aspects of the USO Europe warehouse operations and supply management. Routine assistance includes working alongside the Coordinator with receiving, storing, and shipping commodities. Requirements include being physically fit and capable of lifting 50 lbs.

USO Europe IT Volunteer Assistant

The Volunteer will assist our USO Europe Regional IT Manager with computer systems supporting our regional USO Centers. Requirements include basic knowledge of computer hardware, software systems, and IT management. Volunteer will assist our IT Manager with computer configurations, Center site visit support, computer delivery, including equipment installation and set-up on site.

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