Coining Ceremony for volunteer, Cassandra Williams

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Our teams recently honored one of our incredible volunteers, Cassandra Williams, with a hybrid Coining Ceremony to celebrate her time and dedication to the USO, Overseas & Global Virtual Book Clubs, as well as her time spent volunteering with USO Kaiserslautern. Leadership from USO Europe, Pacific, and USO HQ in Virginia took part to celebrate all that Cassandra does to make our mission a success! She is a force to be reckoned with, and we are happy to have the challenge. As a military spouse, mother of 5, and for many months our lead volunteer for USO Overseas Virtual Book Club and the new Global Virtual Book Club,, she Cassandra has spent many hours sharing her love of reading and making connections with other across the globe! We salute you Cassandra Williams! You epitomize what it is to be altruistic and dedicated! How lucky is the USO? We can’t even measure that! #MoreThanThanks #USOVolunteers #ovbc #GVBC #BHLRP

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