USO Europe Volunteer of Quarter 2, 2021 - Dan Paniagua

SSG Daniel Paniagua is a husband, father, and Soldier. He began his time in Germany as an Artillery Jump Master with Bravo, 4-319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment. He has since transitioned into the duties of a Senior Small Group Leader at the 7th Army Noncommissioned Officer Academy where he trains and develops future leaders by teaching, coaching and mentoring U.S. and Multinational Soldiers. His talents and leadership have further been recognized with his recent acceptance into the very prestigious Sergeant Morales Club. While most would find the execution of these duties more than enough to fill their proverbial plate, this was not the case for Dan. He chose to give back by volunteering his time with the USO starting on Valentine’s Day 2019. Since that Dinner’s on Us Valentine’s Program Dan has volunteered over 245 hours with USO Bavaria and USO Grafenwoehr. He helped ensure the success of larger programs, to include those on holidays, such as Easter, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve and his hard work, dedication and excellence resulted in being recognized as a the USO Grafenwoehr Volunteer of the Month & Quarter. Dan embraces the spirit of service, volunteerism and greatly embodies the “mission first” USO core value. Dan continues to “Give more than Thanks” with each shift he works and we are lucky to have Dan on our team!

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