USO Europe 2019 Volunteer of the Year - Michael Lashbrooks, USO Incirlik, Rhein Main Area

We congratulate Michael for giving well over 1,000 hours of his time to USO Incirlik and for being selected USO Europe 2019 Volunteer of the Year. Here are some examples of his dedication to our mission.

Michael is what every volunteer should strive to be and being recognized as a Volunteer of the Year would provide the best example to the thousands of volunteers this organization has around the world of what true, dedicated selfless service is. While serving in Turkey and volunteer at USO Incirlik, Michael showed his commitment to service members - as he sacrificed his free time and his ability to balance work with his personal life - and how dedicated he is to the USO mission. You can always count on Michael to be the friendly face patrons see as soon as they walk through the door. He is quick to ensure new volunteers fit in and are comfortable in their role. He is the epitome of what a volunteer should be for any organization, however we are privileged to call him a USO volunteer because he wholeheartedly believes in our mission.

As a senior Non-Commissioned Officer, Michael can connect easily with other NCO’s inside and outside of his organization. This improves our mission of reaching across the air base ensuring that all service members know the benefits the USO has to offer. Michael provides a measurable impact on service members through his reputation as an outstanding Non-Commissioned Officer and his approach-ability as a father, husband, and man. Michael’s own character embodies each of the 8 core values of the USO’s mission, never seeking approval or recognition in his actions of daily operations, he is a true force behind the forces.

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