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Continuing Your Journey provides the tips, tools, and resources needed to deep dive into personal growth and development. Join in on April 14th at 12pm ET to identify your vision and mission for the year while learning the importance of mindset, self-care, and self-love. Explore mission statements and values while learning about the foundational importance of self-respect and self-esteem. In 2021, commit to Continuing Your Journey! Register at

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Join the USO on April 21st at 10 am ET as we host a LIVE virtual Discovering Your Spark workshop to help you live your life with passion and purpose! Register at

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Join the USO on April 20th as we celebrate the "Month of the Military Child", with Bill Goodwyn, an Air Force kid, who grew up to be an executive at Discovery, Inc. and now the Chief Revenue Officer at CuriosityStream. We'll talk about his life as a military child, the skills he learned from moving throughout his childhood, and how he ended up in his current role today. Register at

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Join a conversation with Corie Weathers on April 10th for some insight on how you can use your strengths to win at marriage, especially while apart. Register at

Join us for Coffee Connections Live, a program dedicated to connecting military spouses and offering guidance and motivation as you serve and support your family! Recorded events can be found on our site!

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